Lunch Club Review May 2016, Glass Brasserie

Submitted on Mon 23 May 2016

This month The Recruitment Company’s Lunch Club was at a venue we’ve never been to before: The Glass Brasserie in The Hilton. We’re a spoilt bunch over at The Recruitment Company so its unusual and exciting for us to head out to a new venue. Expectations were high as we walked into the impressive venue. Heres what the team thought:

James - 2/5

Nice restaurant but the services was below average, never great when you have to ask for drinks and a menu.

My main was crispy skin snapper / crispy prawn Thai salad with a broth … the waiter poured the broth over my dish in front of me which looked great but all it done was make the whole dish soggy and not that great to eat.

The Bryon Bay cider and Pinot wine was great though.

Ticked off the list but won’t go back


Rich - 3/5

Very nice setting, although it felt like our table was a bit out of the way of others, the service itself was ‘ok’ had to keep following up, was waiting 30 minutes for the menu’s.   That said the food was brilliant, I had the pork belly pancakes to start, with a ‘Beef City’ fillet steak for main followed by the soufle with malt ice cream for dessert which was the best course by far and worth the 30 minute preparation time wait.

Overall I would give this 3 out of 5, would have been higher with better service.


Chris - 3/5

Venue was great, food was great, service was not so great.

I had the prawns to start with which were amazing, as was the salmon which I had for main. Both fresh and very tasty, I’d definitely recommend. Furthermore the wine list was very extensive, and whatever red we were drinking was going down very well with everyone at the table. Think we had about 5/6 bottles of it? What let the place down was the quality of service, or lack thereof. Restaurants of this caliber you expect a high level of engagement from the staff, helpful advice, and not need to remind them about our drink order which was taking forever. All in all I would rate it a 3/5. I’d probably go back, but just hope we get a better server.


Simon - 2/5

The food was tasty but the service let it down. In a top tier restaurant you expect to be wowed by the service. You want to feel that they want you to be there. Eating at Glass felt like they were doing you a favour letting you be there. The staff didn’t seem to care, know anything about the food or want to make it a fun afternoon. Very disappointing as the food was good. Probably wouldn’t go back


Carly - 2/5

The menu selection was great but unfortunately they service really let the whole thing down.

We had to wait ages for a menu and when it arrived we had to share one between six people, before asking for more. Thereafter the service was slow and I felt forgotten about.

Other tables had been given matching wine glasses specific to the wine chosen. We were not. The food was good but the small things combined, let it down. Especially when you compare it to other places we have been on lunch club. Glad we went but I wont be rushing back or recommending it to friends. 2/5

Overall score - 2 out of 5

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