Henry Deane - Hotel Palisade Lunch Club Review

Submitted on Fri 05 Aug 2016

At TRC we like to do things a little bit differently - so we decided to steer away from our Lunch Club favourites and try something new -Henry Deane's at Hotel Palisade. Our 3 top performers for the month of July got their food critic hats on and rated the experience of their first visit to Henry Deane's for lunch.


Lunch club veteran Emer - 3.5/5

On arrival we were treated a little awkwardly when we tried to sit down for a pre-lunch drink before we got our booked table, however the view and the atmosphere royally made up for the initial hiccup! This wasn’t a typical fancy pants lunch club but nonetheless the food was very good, we ordered a bunch of tapas between us which were all delicious, especially the Brussel sprouts which I generally don’t eat in real life! The table service was excellent (once they had established that we would be spending money with them) and overall it was a lovely chilled out afternoon with a view that you would definitely introduce to your mother!


Cocktail Chris - 4.5/5

Henry Dean’s at Hotel Palisade was awesome. Definitely different to our usual lunch clubs in the fact it’s not fine dining. However what it does offer is amazing harbor views, a tasty menu of sharing platters, and a fantastic cocktail menu. The place has a nice cool vibe and good atmosphere which made it a very enjoyable afternoon. Would definitely go back


Newlywed Jen - 3.5/5

Hotel Palisade is a great location for anyone wanting to share food and cocktails with friends whilst enjoying a panoramic view of Sydney harbour.


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