Product Innovation Award for The Recruitment Company's Candidate Dashboard

Submitted on Mon 15 Aug 2016

The Recruitment Company has won multiple awards for what it does best; service and culture , but its never won a product based award before.  Until it came up with the idea of the Candidate Dashboard that is.  

Geoff Millar, The Recruitment Company’s Managing Director says, “We’ve never created our own digital product before so we’re really excited about this award.  Back in 2014 we were trialing loads of video interviewing products. There are some amazing products out there but we found that most were primarily built for internal recruitment and for screening out candidates from a large pool of applicants. None were geared towards the nuances of the client/recruiter/candidate relationship and none seemed particularly useful in the candidate short, narrow markets in which we operate.  So we built our own in the form of our new Candidate Dashboard.  We wanted to combine the benefits of three things; video interviewing, skill testing and good’ol fashioned specialist recruitment.  We knew our clients would love it but winning an award like this is really exciting.”

The Recruitment Company has since launched a suite of products offering variations on the Candidate Dashboard product.  

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