The unveil of Crafty Ninja

Submitted on Fri 26 Aug 2016

In case we haven't boasted enough, to mark TRC's 16th Birthday we celebrated a little bit differently and had the opportunity to collaborate with Wayward Brewing Company to create & brew our very own Craft Beer, donating the cost to brew to a charity that holds much significance to us as a company - Cystic Fibrosis NSW.

'Crafty Ninja' was created to represent our values as a company - quirky, fun, fresh and innovative. With the help of the experts at Wayward Brewery, 'Crafty Ninja' had all of those elements and came to form as a Japanese Style, refreshing, flavorful beer, evoking all the senses with a little bit of hop to represent the ninja assassin in all of us. 

Not only was the beer a success, it was also a great afternoon out for the internal team and our wonderful clients and contractors. Thank you Wayward Brewing Company for hosting and allowing us to brew with the best in the business and thanks to our clients and contractors who were able to come down for the afternoon and celebrate with us.


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