Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

Submitted on Mon 19 Sep 2016

The Sydney Blackmores Running Festival marks the day where over 34, 000 people run for charity. For us, this is an annual tradition and this year we ran for a charity very close to our hearts - Giant Steps School. Giant Steps offers education, support and early intervention programs for children with Autism and their families. Our ongoing relationship with Giant Steps has allowed us to get to know some wonderful people and gain an awareness of how targeted support can change the lives of children with Autism. As such, choosing to run this year for Giant Steps was an easy decision.

Our internal team, along with a record number of contractors & their families were spread across all 4 races of the day- The Sydney Marathon, The Half Marathon, The Bridge Run & The Family Run, with MD Geoff completing the 42km marathon in just over 3 hours. Not only were our run times impressive, we also cracked our $5000 target and raised $5175 by Sunday morning.

Thank you to our run team for your tiresome efforts to raise money for a very worthy charity. It was a heartwarming experience to see our TRC Family grow over an afternoon of drinks & live music - the wet weather certainly had no bearing on our spirit. 

Fundraising is still open for another 30 days - if you would like to donate please head to




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