TRC's September Lunch Club

Submitted on Tue 08 Nov 2016

Yukis At the Quay - "Great food and spectacular harbour views" were put to the test by some of our lunch club veterans and shying away from opinions was not on the menu.

Amy Busby - 1/5

A vegetarian heaven this is not. With just one option for start and main, I wasn’t exactly spoilt for choice. My starter was not for the faint-hearted: a gloopy soup with bushtucker trial-esque tofu jellied chunks which exploded in my mouth like popping fish eyes. My main was a cool cook-it-yourself hotpot but it lacked any flavour and I picked at it uncommitedly. The sushi and sashimi platter was fabulous, it sailed ceremoniously onto our table in an ornate wooden ship and I relished the one vegetarian item – a carrot in the shape of a dolphin. The staff were attentive and the wine was very palatable – I’d say the company was the highlight of this meal for me though, as I grabbed chips on the way out to satisfy my grumbling tummy.

Chris Pelow - 2/5

The food was a little above average when it came to sushi and sashimi. It was presented well which was probably the best part. There was zero other people in the restaurant other than our table, obviously we didn’t get the memo about the big cruise ship docked in the harbour that was blocking the famous views of the opera house. The wait staff told us at approx. 3pm that they were taking last orders for food and drink, so we were out of there by 3.30pm. Overall, food wasn’t bad, but everything else about the experience wasn’t great at all. Won’t be going back.

Geoff Millar - 1/5

I was expecting great thing’s based on the location and the pictures of the food. Firstly they faltered by not informing us there was a boat in the harbor so no view.
We were then the only patrons eating in the restaurant, which is great as you would expect exclusive service but it took them 10 mins to ask us what we wanted to drink.
The food did come out exceptionally fast it was mainly sashimi so you would hope so anyway.
Finally they were quick to tell us that we needed to leave the restaurant by 3:30pm…I understood that, they must of needed to get ready for the evening rush. So if you want to look at emergency life rafts, a huge dirty white boat, with average service and expensive Sushi then look no further than Yuki’s.

Emer McNally - 1/5

The KFC chicken balls to start were great but it all went downhill from there. The petrol flavoured duck wasn’t ideal and the service was impersonal. I’m sure it is a great spot when there is no cruise ship in the harbour so it is a shame about the food. It’s a sad 1 out of 5 from me this month. 

 So with that said, it's safe to say Yukis At the Quay is out of the running for "The Best Lunch Club Ever", however there is nothing like team bonding over petrol flavoured duck, emergency life rafts and gloopy soup with bushtucker trial-esque tofu jellied chunks! 




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