TRC's Annual Contractor Drinks

Submitted on Fri 02 Dec 2016

Our new favourite Sydney venue Vessell Bar was the location of choice to celebrate another great year with our beloved contractors. Contractors were greeted at the door with a name tag & wrist band by our two TRC bouncers (2 very small, excited women from our People & Performance team). Contractors floated in through the night while a range of delicious floating canapes circulated the area. The night was a great opportunity for contractors to meet all of us and even some of their own co-workers they had never crossed paths with (this is where the name tags came in handy). We had new contractors just starting out meeting our team for the first time to some of our longest standing who are ingrained in the heart of our TRC family. 

The night was not short of some a-grade mingling, with small groups bonding over the rocket & prosciutto pizza, others networking and 1 group even getting involved with a game of never-have-i-ever. It's safe to say that these guys went home learning a lot more about each other compared to the start of the night. Over all, the whole team being able to put a name to the face and getting to know each other on a personal level was definitely the highlight with invitations to future events even being exchanged (along with a business card of course).

A few tired eyes this morning, but only 1 sick day reported.

A huge thank you to Vessell Bar for hosting an event that's so important and crucial to the running of our business, and to all of our contractors who attended - we would not be TRC without you.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!  


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