February Lunch Club - Our highest review score ever

Submitted on Fri 10 Mar 2017


The closet we've ever got to a perfect score! Our top performers headed out for their monthly Lunch Club at The Flying Fish in Pyrmont and found a near perfect mix of food, fun and service.

My favourite lunch club to date, and probably one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney and not just because I chose it. The Food was fab, wine was flowing and it was just a great day with the exception of the weather.

Flying Fish had nothing less than knowledgeable service, pallet-loving food, and an open atmosphere to enjoy the entire experience. I had the Selection of Sashimi Fish for my first course which was showcased by explaining each piece of Sashimi on the plate for my knowledge. I was sold by then and only enjoyed the rest of my time at Flying Fish even more.

I’m not a fish lover myself, so I was fairly sceptical about this months restaurant choice, however, I am pleased to say it surpassed my expectations. The venue is gorgeous and the company, as always, was excellent. I was a little disappointed with my ham starter but my lamb main and [two] desserts were delicious. It is somewhere I would never have chosen myself but I’m glad to have experienced it and would definitely recommend to others.

A picturesque backdrop dampened somewhat by the gloomy weather, but our big lunch clubber group brought the vibes to this stylish venue. With just one vegetarian option for starter and main, I was a little apprehensive about what I would be eating, but without cause. The colourful and fresh starter had our team taking photos, and was pretty tasty too. The main had a multitude of flavours and was complemented by the veggie side dishes. Definitely one to recommend.

Even in the rain this place is one of the best locations in Sydney. For me, the service has outstanding every time I have been. Friendly but knowledgeable. The food is fantastic and the restaurant is busy enough to have a good lunchtime vibe. Easily one of the best places to dine in Sydney.

One of my favourite venues in Sydney. The view, the service and obviously the food are always superb. My favourite part of the afternoon was settling into the sofa’s outside after a fantastic meal and enjoying a drink, I could of stayed there all night.

I am already looking to going back.

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