March Lunch Club - The Key to Quay

Submitted on Wed 19 Apr 2017

For many that attended this month's Lunch Club, the chosen venue was on their bucket lists! Judging by the scores below, it lived up to the hype!

Amy: 5/5

The food was delicately presented and tasty, and the hosts were attentive and professional. However, the best bit about April lunch club was the company. We were seated at a round table and so we were all able to chat together. It was a great group of people and although we didn't have the view that the Quay normally boasts (a cruise ship in the way - how rude) we were all too deep in conversation to mind. Definitely one of my favourite lunch clubs. 

Lisa: 5/5

Loved it! The food and service were amazing, presentation was very pretty too. Stand out dishes were the lamb, and the famous snow egg certainly lived up to the hype. Didn’t feel rushed even though we were there for 5.5 hours.

Elle: 5/5

Never have I been wined and dined like that and especially in Sydney where the views were incredible and the food was spot on. The food wasn’t too much just the perfect size to be comfortably full. The Service was ok.. The food took a long time to come out, but that’s a good sign that they are cooking from fresh! Bloody beautiful.

Chelsea: 5/5

Where do I start?! The afternoon was lovely, the food, the surroundings and of course the company. We were treated to a 5* dining experience, which in all honesty, had I never of been on lunch club, I probably would never of got to experience, ever! It was an absolute privilege and I can’t thank TRC enough.

Rich: 5/5

Excellent venue, great views and amazing food.  The service was brilliant, very attentive and knowledgeable.  All 4 courses were delicious topped off by the famous snow egg for desert.  Quay restaurant heads in to my top 2 lunch club venues.

Carly: 4/5

Such an iconic restaurant and a very humbling experience. The service was excellent and the staff were very attentive. The food was really delicious but other than the bread there were no other carbohydrates. I have to be honest, when drinking wine and cocktails as recruiters do, it would have been good to have some heavier side dishes. Over all, really enjoyable and certainly a tick off the Sydney bucket-list.

Geoff: 3.5/5

What a cracking afternoon it was not affected at all by the ship being in. I have been waiting to go to Quay for a long-time and was so excited. The food was unbelievable I could not recommend it enough. We had a brilliant afternoon, they also allowed us to enjoy a few drinks in the restaurant once lunch was over too.
My reservations: We paid a booking fee per head (lost $300, some of our guests dropped out), there was a mandatory gratuity and then they asked for a tip… Whilst the food was awesome this was a bit much.

Laura: 5/5

Lunch club at Quay was fantastic. The food was so delicious that it definitely exceeded all my expectations and their signature dessert, “snow egg” was the winner! Combination of lovely sunny day with good food and people at a perfect location made the day very relaxing and enjoyable.


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