April Lunch Club - Est.

Submitted on Wed 17 May 2017

Est. has 2 hats and is currently one of the most famous venues in Sydney for fine dining. It's sitting seventh on the list of best restaurant in AUSTRALIA (not just Sydney). Our ever so qualified lunch club team give you their 2 cents on if it lived up to its amazing reputation.

Jen: 5/5

Est. didn’t disappoint. The food, presentation and service was out of this world. The after dinner cocktails are not for the faint hearted!

Adam: 4/5

Great to be involved in my debut lunch club run out, hopefully the first of many more! The fine dining experience at Est was quality but food-wise I wouldn’t say I was blown away. 

John: 4/5

Beautiful setting, great food, champagne was flowing and overall I’d definitely go back.

Kimberley: 4.5 / 5

Est. definitely lived up to its reputation. Gorgeous setting and amazing staff. I opted for the Moreton bay bug to start which was delicious, followed by the beef sirloin which was cooked to perfection! To finish the passionfruit soufflé was recommended …it was HUGE so I didn’t manage to eat it all but it was a fantastic finish the meal!

Emer: 3.5/5

Great service from the moment we walked in (I especially like how we had a waiter each who put all of our meals down in unison! It felt very Downton Abbey- esque!) …they took our coats, sat us in our seats and offered us champagne from the champagne trolley.…… sounds great, it was great……until we got smacked with a crazy bill for said champagne (“Tut tut Est. you cheeky devils!”)

The food was very nice, I started with a crab concoction which was tasty, my main was striploin steak with oxtail which was amazing, followed by the passion fruit sufle as a nice pallet cleanser!

So it’s a thumbs up from me on the Dowton Abbey service and the food, but a thumbs down to the sneaky upselling and the overall cost of the lunch.

Holly: 3/5

What an absolute treat and pleasure to go somewhere I would never go myself. I'm not a big fan of things like ox tail, partridge, marrow etc, so I found myself ordering from the vego menu. However, there was no love lost. I had some of the best tomatoes I've ever eaten IN MY LIFE!

I can't really fault it, it was beautiful, but it was just a touch too formal for my comfort levels. The atmosphere and service lacked a bit of warmth. Plus I did stop for a Big Mac on the way home....... but upon reflection, that may not have been due to a lack of food..... it may have more to do with the above mentioned champagne trolley.  

Lisa: 3.5 / 5

I was really excited to try Est but I was sadly a bit underwhelmed. The restaurant itself is very elegant and pretty, and the service was great – very attentive staff, however the food didn’t impress me and didn’t live up to the standards set by the previous lunch club at Quay. Lovely afternoon with great company though!

Sarah: 4/5

Est was excellent. Champagne cart on arrival- although watch that as almost impossible to resist J The main course of steak with Oxtail was delicious, and  the mashed potato and waghu fat chips decadent. The wine was perfect, the décor beautiful and the company first class. Would definitely recommend it, and give it a 4/5 score. All round a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

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