May Lunch Club - Prime is fine

Submitted on Thu 08 Jun 2017

Prime is a hidden gem tucked below the GPO Building at Martin Place. It's an acclaimed premium steak restaurant featuring wagyu pies, sandstone walls and NYC-inspired decor.

It currently boasts what they call "The World's Best Steak". The story goes that in a worldwide competition held in Paris, that it won first place and now Prime are the only restaurant in Sydney that serve it. With an accolade like that, we were pretty convinced it was going to be a life changing lunch!

Here's what our lucky lunch clubbers had to say:

JEN: 4 / 5

I tried the 3 steak tasting platter and it didn’t disappoint, mouthwatering and cooked to perfection, I would highly recommend Prime as a great steak restaurant in a prime location with a cozy, personable atmosphere.

EMER: 4.5 / 5

The world's best steak...... maybe not. But it was very delicious! It was a lovely afternoon and all the food was great (including the ice cream!). It lost half a point on the atmosphere. It was a bit too dark and lacked a little bit of ambiance. However, would definitely recommend and would love to go again.

HOLLY: 3.75 / 5

I had the tasting plate and really enjoyed it. But I'm one of those annoying people that wants their meat medium to well-done and unfortunately it came a little too well done. Part of me blames myself for being annoying and the other part of me thinks that a premium steak restaurant should be able to cater to all of us annoying people. It was still very delicious though, so that does say something for the quality of meat - even charred, it's amazing.

They did also forget one of our desserts...... which was both a blessing and a curse :)

GEOFF: 4.5 / 5

A warm inviting venue, welcoming and passionate staff and great food. I am not the worlds biggest Steak fan but when they serve “the Worlds Best steak” how could I not order it. It certainly was lovely. World’s best though I am probably not the best judge, blooming nice though.
I would certainly recommend a visit and I will be back.

OLLY: 4 / 5

My first lunch club was awesome! The steak was great, the starter was brilliant and company was even better!

I didn’t eat again until Saturday!

KIM: 4 / 5

Gorgeous underground location that I never knew existed. Started with cold meats and pate which I loved - pate was out of this world actually!

After being told that the cut of meat was voted the world’s best steak in a competition in France recently, was sold here and the only restaurant in Sydney that served it, I had to try it!!

Whilst it was nice I wouldn’t quite go that far as to name the world’s best buy hey what do I know, I actually preferred the potatoes gratin that accompanied it!

All round a lovely experience and left feeling so full I could barely move or speak!


So there you have it folks, our take on 'Prime', all in all it was pretty fine!



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