Lunch Club - Bennelong, Round 2

Submitted on Fri 11 Aug 2017

The team were so pumped after reading last month’s Lunch Club Review that the verdict was to go again.

Never in the history of Lunch Club have we hit the same venue back to back. So there was big expectations!

Here's what the team had to say:


Geoff 4.5 / 5

What a cracking afternoon. Bennelong never been to a benner restaurant ☺
Great company, great service. The cloud cocktail was a classy way to start the meal, scallops were nice, the fish main was perfectly cooked and the Coffee was a great way to finish it. I only wish the offered more in the way of sides. I missed having vegetable.


Carly 4 / 5 

This was my second visit to Bennelong and much more enjoyable than the first time. I preferred the menu selection and we had a better table. If I was to be really critical, I didn’t like the fact they bought out bread, arancini balls and starters at the same time. Too much food and not enough space on the table.


Emer 3.5 / 5

This was my third time to Bennelong, the food was delicious as usual, especially the arancini balls which we managed to sneak in from the bar menu! The service on this occasion, however, was below par which was a shame. 


Holly 3.5 / 5

What an iconic venue! I’m always wanted to go. It let itself down in 3 little areas.

1: We had bread, bar nibbles and our entrees arrive all at once, which was a bit overwhelming.

2: There was some issue with the making of a couple of the cocktails and due to the delay we were offered them for free. However they were still on the bill when it came out (don’t you worry, I let them know 😊).

3: I had to constantly ask for my water glass to be refilled.

So now that my moaning is out of the way, here’s the good stuff – ALL THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! Couldn’t fault it at all. The vibe was lovely and staff were nice and welcoming. No snooty vibe here, which I loved. All in all, I probably wouldn’t rush back, but I’d certainly recommend.


Chels 4 / 5

Lunch club at Bennelong was lovely!! The beef cheek was amazing and the arancini balls were another favourite of mine! There was a little mishap with the cocktails at the beginning and the staff were even nice enough to knock them off the bill at the end. Great food, great views and even better company! 


Jen 4 / 5

Bennelong never disappoints, amazing food, cocktails and service


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