The Recruitment Company wins ABA for Service Excellence

Submitted on Wed 16 Aug 2017

The Recruitment Company is proud to announce that it has been awarded an Australian Business Award for Service Excellence.  

Geoff Millar, The Recruitment Company's Managing Director, says of the award, "this is an amazing achievement for us. We've worked hard to revamp our end to end customer experience and to really focus on adding as many 'wow' points as we can.  We're really proud of the results and most of the feedback from our customers has been excellent. 97% of them have rated us as exceptional.  This award is the cherry on the cake for us following some fairly intensive process improvements."

Geoff goes on to add, "not all of the feedback was good but we made sure that every time someone rated us as anything less than exceptional we spoke to them and made at least 1 improvement based on their feedback."

He added, "Our focus over recent years has been on our internal culture. We believed that if we focused on looking after our people they would focus on looking after our customers.  This award definitely supports that view."

Complete feedback from The Recruitment Company's customers can be found here - the good, the bad and the ugly

The Recruitment Company has also been awarded an ABA for Product Innovation for their Dashboard Suite and for being an Employer of Choice.  2017 also saw them be named as finalists in the RCSA Awards and Recruitment International Awards

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