August Lunch Club - The Meat & Wine Co

Submitted on Tue 05 Sep 2017

The Meat and Wine Co is just that, a meat fest with amazing wine!

With a lovely little booth in the corner, this month's top performers were treated to a major iron infusion and some delicious liquid gold!

Read on to hear what they had to say.

The overall score was 3.8 out of 5


Chels: 4/5

Meat & Wine Co didn’t disappoint, it was comfort food done properly. I came out feeling full, happy and sleepy. Great company as always. If I was going on a night out, I don’t think that food would have been ideal as I felt I waddled out of the restaurant but all in all top notch food, great conversation and the service was on point as well.


Ads: 4.5/5

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Lovely bit of meat and washed down with a few bottles of wine. Had the brisket as a starter and steak for main and both were spot on! Also a great shout was the mac & cheese that we had on the table. The only bad thing I can say about this place was that the food was so good and so much of it that we all slumped into a food coma by the end. It’s a 4.5 from me!


Holly: 3.5/5

The entree was a super generous size and with that plus the garlic bread (delicious) plus my main of a plate of ribs and a mini steak, plus sides, plus desserts – it’s fair to say this Lunch Club had an extremely tame ending of us all falling into a food coma and crawling home.

The mac and cheese was amazing. The onion rings were pretty unimpressive though. The only other downside was the speed between courses. Our entrees came really quickly and then our mains came quickly after that. I’m pretty sure it’s their fault I was so uncomfortably full – because they fed me so fast. It really had nothing to do with the excessive amount of food I ate.


Jen: 4/5

The Meat & Wine Co has a nice relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a good, wholesome feed that is also a bit naughty!


Geoff: 3/5

A warm inviting restaurant by it's decor unfortunately its greeting staff weren't so warm, none-the-less I was not deterred by my first impression I was just excited about demolishing a steak with a tasty glass of red.
The starter of Pork Belly was amazing and the highlight of my meal. I ordered the steak and ribs combo (which came accompanied with man-bib) and duly tucked right in. The Steak was a bit cold, it didn't ruin it but it just wasn't as succulent as i would have hoped.

The red wine helped me wash it down though, I would highly recommend everyone trying the Pinotage WilderKranz. 
If I wasnt already full enough I had to try the apple pie for pudding which was really nice. I was then officially ready to be rolled home and put to bed.
Our host was a great guy, he was very attentive and personable. 


1. Man-Bib! 

2. Red Wine - Pinotage, Wilderkranz


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