The Recruitment Company and Wisr slug it out in the Domain

Submitted on Wed 28 Mar 2018

To celebrate our new found recruitment relationship and Wisr's recent rebranding (from DirectMoney), The Recruitment Company and Wisr co-hosted an inter-company mini Olympics in the Domain.  

The weather held out for what was an epic battle between co-mingled teams from both companies.  The competition, reminiscent of epic sporting battles through history (think Rumble in the Jungle, the run after the battle of Marathon, the 4 Minute Mile etc), included classic tests of character, strength and endurance such as the 'Egg and Spoon' race, the 'Balloon Between the Knees' race, the '7 Legged' race and ultimate test of team cohesion, coordination and character, the 'Pass The Water Over the Shoulder Without Spilling It On The Person Behind You' race.

All teams competed with dignity and obvious sporting prowess (except for the green team who definitely cheated in the balloon race).

But no inter-company bonding session would be complete without a good old fashioned company vs company challenge.  The Recruitment Company came out on top on the company challenge but were soundly beaten in the tug o war and Geoff Millar, our CEO literally ended the day with egg on his face in the epic (think Rocky 4, Rocky vs Dolph Lundgren) CEO vs CEO egg throwing competition. 

The day ended with no injuries (unless you count our pride after the tug of war) and we all left not entirely sure who had won.  But the pizzas and beer afterwards made it all OK.

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