Lunch Club Review - Aria

Submitted on Tue 01 May 2018

So the top performers in the team headed down to Aria for the afternoon to celebrate their success in March.  Heres what they thought of the iconic Sydney restaurant and TRC Lunch Club regular venue

Overall score: 4/5



Aria was lovely and relaxing, and the Sydney weather was being kind, so the view was pretty awesome. Whilst the food and wine (especially the wine) was amazing, I reckon they let themselves down a bit when it came to service.

It had a fairly snooty vibe, one of those placed where you feel a bit stupid for not knowing how to pronounce a rare cheese from the south of France. The cheese was great, but the attitude wasn’t as delicious.

All in all though, lovely company and a really afternoon out of the office….. once the orders were taken.




The food and wine was lovely, I left feeling suitably full. The service was a little snooty.




5 for me, the food was quality and I loved the place. It was good to carry on down the Opera Bar and have a few drinks there too.

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