July Lunch Club Review - Archie Brothers

Submitted on Tue 21 Aug 2018



We've been to pretty much every restaurant in Sydney, we've been to more amazing venues than we can count, we've reviewed them all.  And here it is, our first ever, unanimous 5/5 review.  Want to know which venue finally hit the mark with everyone?  Quay Restaurant?  No.  Bennelong?  No.  That posh place at the top of the Shangri La?  No.  

In the end it was zombie shooting, VR and sickeningly large alcoholic ice cream sundaes that won us over. Does that make us shallow and childish?  Maybe.  Will we be back there again?  Definitely.

The Recruitment Company's top performers for July had a lunch club experience with a difference - an afternoon at Archie Brothers.  Amazingly this is, in all our years of rating the top restaurants and venues in Sydney, the first 5/5 overall rating we have ever received!  Read about the experience here.




Rita 5/5

Archie Brothers is such a fun place.  I had an amazing time playing different games. Bowling was my favourite and I found shooting zombies was very addictive that I didn’t want to stop! The food was average, but the service were great. In short, it’s a great place to go with friends.

Olly 5/5

Awesome afternoon out at Archie brothers. I owned the bowling but it was close playing against Fabz and easy beating Geoff. I’ve never see and heard someone bowl so quietly as Rita, she was the stealth bomber!

I also shot the most amount of Werewolves on the 3D shooting game/ride.

Archie Brothers was an overload of senses with retro feel that bought me back to my childhood. The VR broke me and if you get to see the video, you will see me freak out.

5/5 and would do it again 100%  

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Geoff 5/5

Archie Brothers – BRILLIANT!!!

An absolute overload of every sense. Arcades, Laser-tag, VR, Bowling (I was much better than Olly). It was awesome. I would recommend any nearly 40yr old (turning 15) like myself to go there. You will not regret it. The staff are great, the arcades awesome the smoothies are HUGE (not as good when you are forced to chase them with a Whiskey Fireball). The food exactly what you want – excessive, indulgent with loads of ketchup. AND if you play enough games like me (after 7hours in there) you get some really cool prizes afterwards in the shop. I took home 2 retro boardgames (very in-keeping with our TRC themed adverts) Operation and Guess Who to play with the family.
Best moment: Rita in the Laser room. “Roll Rita, Just roll”


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"roll Rita, roll"

Fabian 5/5

I agree with Geoff, it’s a very solid place.. Even being old we still had quite a good time.. Olly had the games of his life in bowling (proven by not being able to strike here in the office), Geoff was terrible lol and Rita had the softest roll of any bowler in the world 😊 (literally didn’t make a sound). The laser tag was also solid, it’s actually quite big which was surprising. What made matters better was the timing of the trip, if we would have went later, it would’ve been bad due to all the kiddos… Food good, solid carnival style food, bartender was aggressive lol.

Truly enjoyed myself, and my pillow is the shit… 😊 Literally. 5/5

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