The Recruitment Company named as #1 Best Workplace in Australia (under 29 employees)

Submitted on Thu 05 Aug 2021

Yesterday was an amazing day for The Recruitment Company. We work hard to create an amazing workplace: its' pretty much all we think about because we believe that an engaged team delivers better service.

To be named as the number 1 Best Workplace in Australia for companies with under 29 employees is an amazing achievement and is a career defining achievement for all of us at The Recruitment Company.

Needless to say we will be aiming to milk this for at least a year (to be honest, probably longer - we're still banging on about reaching the number 10 spot back in 2012) but for now we just wanted to say a massive thanks to our amazing team; for the input they have in our ideas sessions, for putting up with our 'trial and error' approach to trying out new things and for the trust they have put in us to get us through these challenging times.

Without the support of an amazing team we would never have been able to implement all the things we've managed to do. Thanks to you all, past and present, who have contributed to this crazy journey that has culminated in this recognition as the best micro sized company to work for in Australia. You are all true cuddly ninja assassins.


#1 Best Workplace in Australia
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