The Recruitment Company hits its BHAG

Submitted on Mon 14 Feb 2022

Back in our AGM in January 2014 we set a lofty goal - to become what we call The "untethered" Recruitment Company.  The aim was to become untethered from the office, untethered from the 9-5 and untethered from the traditional recruitment model. 

At the time it was a lofty goal and seemed impossible. It required us to spend 8 year meticulously picking apart our systems, our attitude, our culture and our way of working to build a recruitment agency that embraced choice and flexibility. We built a company where flexibility made us more productive and where our systems worked seamlessly, regardless of where we were based.

This was our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

And in our AGM in January 2022, to the melodious crooning of Sydney's best Elvis impersonator singing The Impossible Dream, we were able to finally announce that we had achieved our BHAG.

When we talk to people about our BHAG they often assume that it just about being an employment agency that lets people work from home, but for us 'untethered' is about freedom and choice.  Yes people can work from anywhere (the team have worked from Byron Bay, India, LA, Brisbane) but more than that, we have also built an amazing office complete with big screen games consoles, a bar, pool table, glitter ball, karaoke and great working spaces, so that no matter how far people untether, they always want to come back home.  

So we find ourselves in a fairly unusual position of having achieved our goal.  So whats next?  Our aim is to enjoy this for a little while first.

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