The 5 Top IT Skills You Need In 2023

Submitted on Fri 30 Dec 2022

There’s no denying it, the Tech industry has become one of the most fast paced industries over the last few years, seeing unprecedented growth in digitalisation and demand for IT skills. 

This has put tech candidates in a very powerful position as employers are on the lookout for the best talent to fill the gaps within their organisations.

But keeping pace with the industry means that candidates must keep their skills relevant and updated if they want to be employable in the industry. 

In this article, we reveal the top five most in-demand tech skills for 2023.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Scientists and Data Analysts are in-demand by employers across the world! A Data Scientist/Analyst takes something raw and translates it into something meaningful. It’s essentially taking the power of data science and making sense of the past in order to help the company make critical business decisions for the future.  

There is huge scope for anyone already working in this field, as well as opportunities for those looking at entry level positions.

Key Data Science skills include: 

·      Math, Statistics

·      Python, R

·      SQL, Hadoop, Pig, Spark, Hive

·      Machine Learning, GPUs, AI, NLP

·      Data visualization, mining, analysis

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Most of us don’t even realise it but Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are now firmly embedded into our everyday lives. Built-in smart assistants on our phones like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are the more obvious examples of AI that most of us are aware of and use.

Not surprisingly, the demand for IT professionals with an ML and/or AI skillset is growing at an astronomical rate, as many businesses look to adopt these technologies, which means an increase in demand for ML and AI experts.

Key Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence skills include: 

·      Data engineering

·      Python, R, C, C++, Java

·      Linux, Unix, SQL, Hadoop

·      NLP, ML techniques, Computer vision

·      Applied mathematics, Statistics

·      Artificial neural networks


All companies, irrespective of size or type, face cyber threats and this has become even more rampant living in a post pandemic world where more and more people are working from home. Right now, cybercrimes are certainly on the rise which means companies must have robust security systems in place to prevent potential threats. 

Having a team of skilled IT security staff are something employers can't afford to skimp on in 2023. 

Key Cybersecurity skills include: 

·      Access Management

·      Cloud Security

·      Blockchain Security

·      Incident Response

·      Threat Intelligence

·      Data Privacy

·      Compliance and Controls

·      Security Governance

Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing has been at the top of the “one to watch” lists for the last decade but right now and certainly moving into 2023, Cloud professionals are in high demand, as reliance on remote access continues to grow. 

Nearly every aspect of modern life involves interacting with cloud technology, as it enables users and businesses to access digital information from anywhere, without having to rely on physical servers in a back office. 

A Fortune Business Insights report estimates that the global cloud computing market is projected to grow from $480.04 billion in 2022 to $1,712.44 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 19.9% in forecast period. 

Key Cloud Computing skills include: 

·      AWS.

·      Microsoft Azure

·      GCP

·      CloudFormation

·      Terraform 

·      SQL, Linux, Windows

·      Orchestration, Kubernetes, Docker 

Software Engineering

The demand for talented software engineers is relentless, since software is constantly evolving to meet new business requirements. But if you’re wondering what a Software Developer actually does, needless to say they do more than just code!

A software engineer uses their knowledge of systems architecture, programming languages, and user requirements to build software programs and applications. These days, employers often expect Software Engineers to have technical skills and soft skills relevant to the field. 

The industries where the demand for software engineer skills is the highest include finance, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Key Software Engineering skills include: 

·      Apache Kafka, Apache Spark

·      AWS, Azure

·      Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript

·      Jenkins

·      React.js

·      HTML, CSS

·      Node.js

·      Git

·      Web, Mobile applications

To sum things up, if you’re looking to improve your abilities, develop your skills and achieve your career potential in 2023, mastering these in-demand tech skills will no doubt help you provide value and contribute positively to your workplace

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