How To Avoid Hiring A Turkey

Submitted on Tue 04 Jul 2023

It's Christmas in July here at TRC, which means we’re all set to enjoy the festivities across the month. The air is crisp, the mulled wine is ready and we’re decking the halls to revel in our favourite month of the year.

But let's not forget the importance of smart recruitment practices! We all know that during the holiday season, turkeys are best enjoyed on the dinner table, not in our offices.

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up by the fire, and join us as we unwrap a treasure trove of festive tips and tricks to ensure your company doesn't end up with a fowl hire.

Don't Get Stuffed with Generic Resumes:

Just like receiving a generic, mass-produced Christmas card that lacks personalisation, encountering a cookie-cutter resume can leave a bland aftertaste. This holiday season, let's seek out candidates who take the time to tailor their applications to your company's unique needs and culture. Pay attention to relevant experience that aligns with the role, accomplishments, and demonstrated skills. Look for red flags such as gaps in employment, frequent job changes, or inconsistencies in their career trajectory. 

Jingle All the Way to Thorough Interviews:

When it comes to interviews, it's time to shed the Grinch-like demeanour. A quick "ho ho ho" won't suffice in uncovering a candidate's true potential. Instead, take the time to ask detailed questions that dig deep into their skills, experience, and cultural fit. While you don't want to grill them like chestnuts on an open fire, a comprehensive interview process will help you separate the seasoned pros from the ones who might crack under pressure.

Sleigh-ing the Reference Check Game:

References, like Santa's list of who's naughty or nice, hold the key to revealing the truth about a candidate's past performance. Don't be afraid to ask challenging questions of previous employers or colleagues to get a better understanding of a candidate's work ethic and their ability to thrive in a team environment. Remember, a candidate's track record can be a valuable guide to avoid any frosty surprises during the hiring process.

Unwrap Their True Potential with Assessments:

If you're unsure whether a candidate's skills match their impressive resume, it's time to bring out the Christmas presents—assessment tests! These tools can help you gauge a candidate's abilities and ensure they have the substance to back up their claims. 

Santa's Little Helpers: Team Involvement:

Bringing on new team members should be a true group effort. Involve your current employees in the selection process. After all, they are the elves who know the intricacies of your office dynamics and can provide valuable insights. With their help, you can ensure the new hire will fit right in!

Remember that avoiding hiring a turkey is not just about finding someone who won't gobble up valuable resources—it's about discovering a shining star who will illuminate your team with their unique talents and strengths. By incorporating these tips into your recruitment process, you'll be well on your way to creating a company culture that is merry, bright, and bursting with excellence.

So go ahead, jingle all the way through the recruitment process, and find that gem of a candidate who will sleigh the competition. 

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