Achieving Gender Pay Equity: A Milestone for The Recruitment Company

Submitted on Tue 05 Mar 2024

In the landscape of recruitment and staffing, the conversation around gender equality and pay equity has never been more vital. The recent data released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has sparked widespread discussion on the state of gender pay gaps across industries. Among the findings, a significant revelation was the median gender pay gap, standing at 14.5% for base salary and widening to 19.0% when total remuneration is considered.

In amongst these results, we’re really proud that The Recruitment Company sits within the neutral gender pay gap, which hovers within +/-5% of the median. Go us right?! But the purpose of this blog post isn’t to toot our own trumpet. Instead we want to spill the tea on how in fact we’ve reached this milestone, especially in the IT recruitment sector, known for its historical gender imbalances.

So what has our journey towards narrowing the gender pay gap looked like?

Structured Interview Processes

We recognised early on that unconscious biases could skew hiring decisions, inadvertently contributing to the gender pay gap. To mitigate this, we adopted a more structured interview process. This approach standardises the evaluation of candidates, ensuring that hiring decisions are based on merit and competency, rather than unconscious biases.


We implemented Topgrading, a thorough hiring method that helps us identify and hire top-performing candidates. By focusing on talent and potential, we ensure that our team members, regardless of gender, are positioned for success and equitable compensation.

Bias Training Modules

Understanding that awareness is the first step towards change, we introduced training modules aimed at educating our team on various types of biases. These training sessions have been instrumental in creating a culture of mindfulness and inclusion, enabling our staff to recognise and challenge biases in themselves and others.

Diverse Team Hiring

Diversity is our strength! We have made conscious efforts to hire a diverse team, believing that a variety of perspectives and backgrounds leads to a more vibrant, innovative, and equitable workplace. This diversity extends beyond gender, encompassing different cultures, experiences, and viewpoints.

Focus on diversity AND inclusion

Diversity without inclusive work practices can lead to friction and poor culture. We worked hard to assess all of our systems, policies and assumptions and ensure that they worked for everyone and allowed everyone to perform without hinderance.

Our neutral gender pay gap is a result to the effectiveness of these initiatives. However, we view this not as the culmination of our efforts, but as a milestone in our ongoing journey towards complete gender equality and pay equity. We understand that achieving such a goal requires constant vigilance, adaptation, and commitment to best practices.

The Recruitment Company is proud to be, along with the other recruitment agencies named on the neutral gender pay gap list, an example within the recruitment and staffing industry, proving that with intentional actions and a commitment to fairness, achieving gender pay equity is not just a possibility but a reality. We hope to inspire other organisations to examine their practices and strive for a more equitable workplace for all genders.

Together, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in the workplace.

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