Lunch Club Review May 2024, Rockpool

Submitted on Tue 14 May 2024

Ah, the monthly ritual of feasting and toasting to our top performers. This time, our awesome team visited Rockpool, a well-known restaurant located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Expectations were high, stomachs were empty, and the chatter was as lively as ever. So, did Rockpool rock our world, or did it leave us feeling like fish out of water? Here’s the lowdown on what our team thought.


Chipo Riva – 5/5


"Awesome venue, great company."


Chipo, the eternal optimist of our crew, was thoroughly chuffed. Then again, give her a fork and some friends, and she’s happy as Larry.


Geoff Miller – 4/5


"The steak was incredible but the dish of the day was the Bone Marrow – WOW. Rockpool is such an icon of the Sydney food scene and it never lets itself down. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, the service was attentive and the cocktails were sweet and punchy. It was great to have time out with the team over a great lunch."


Geoff was bowled over by the steak, but it was the bone marrow that really tickled his fancy. The cocktails, too, were a hit, making sure we were all in high spirits. Overall, Rockpool's reputation held strong in his book!


Adam Eshet – 4/5


"Decent venue with a good atmosphere, service was on point and food was tasty."


Adam, the man of few words, gave a nod of approval. Good vibes, sharp service, and food that didn’t disappoint. A solid review, even if it was as succinct as his emails.


Anna Reddy – 3.5/5


"Rockpool, famed for its steaks, also offers seafood, like the Semolina noodles with Moreton Bay Bug that I tried. While the ambiance and service were great, the dish itself fell a bit short. The Moreton Bay Bug was fresh, and the noodles were cooked well, but the flavours didn't quite impress. It lacked that special touch to make it memorable. For those who love steak, this might not showcase the restaurant's full potential."


Anna, our culinary connoisseur, ventured beyond the bovine to sample the seafood. While the noodles were on point, the Moreton Bay Bug didn’t quite crawl its way into her heart. 


Final Thoughts


Overall, Rockpool managed to leave us more satisfied than a cat at a cream convention. The steaks stole the show, the service was sharper than a sushi chef’s knife, and the cocktails packed a punch. Sure, there were a few blips, but nothing that a good dessert couldn’t sugarcoat.


Venue Score: 4/5


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The Recruitment Company at Rockpool Sydney The Recruitment Company visits Rockpool, Sydney

 The Recruitment Company at Rockpool Sydney The Recruitment Company at Rockpool Sydney

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