Resourcer Frankie Gaffney

When Frankie isn’t being an amazing resourcer, supporting our permanent recruitment team, she is also a professional tarot reader, fortune teller and fanatical astrologer. That’s probably not the sort of thing you usually put in a recruitment profile write-up so we wont mention it again.

But no bull, she is a great recruiter, and we’re definitely not lion to you when we say that she has a contagious energy and positivity that stops her ever being crabby. But don’t get us wrong, this girl has a sting in her tail when something’s got her goat and she needs to get things done. She likes t’ win.

Although her role with us is her maiden recruitment voyage, before she joined us we were falling to pisces and once we’d found her we couldn’t bearer ‘nother day without her.

We’ll scale back the astrology puns now. We wouldn’t want to ram them down your throat.  That would be arrow’ing.

Frankie is all about the candidate experience. If you have the opportunity to work with her we can't guarantee tall dark strangers in your future but we don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that you’ll love working with her. 


CALL: 02 8346 6704


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She was excellent and helped me through the hiring process perfectly. I would recommend you because of the way she handles recruiting and her energy towards it. Super professional and friendly and her follow up is excellent. Thanks,
Great energy and passion. Genuine!
Franky was just amazing. well spoken , clear and detailed. she seemed genuine and kind. she was just great ! thanks Franky !
Frankie sold the job beautifully she was bubbly and lovely to talk to, although I wanted to prove abut into why I was chosen. A lot of times people ask for feedback when they don’t get the job but I wanted to know why me?. Thanks TRC the muffin were the icing on the cake :)
This is the second time we have closed a candidate with TRC. Overall experience was very good and TRC team members are quite friendly and professional.
Frankie is a wonderful recruiter and very positive. She is always available and adapts well to any changes in the requirements. Her communication is seamless. Overall had a good experience dealing with her.


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