Community Care Consultant Anna Reddy

Anna is our Community Care Consultant. She has 2 loves in life; making people love their work and all things Disney. We can help her with the first, but with the second, she’s on her own.

But Anna is no Dumbo, her role is to look after our contractor community from the moment they sign up with us to the day we wish them all the beast, and beyond! She looks after payroll, queries, paperwork, events and systems but is always mulan things over to figure out how to make them amazing.  She’s not your average payroll processor. In fact she’s ariel-y good one and she’s got more than 101 customers who’ll describe her as a customer service aristocat.

She has an infectious passion for her work and a genuine love of life, be it salsa dancing, eating, travelling or talking (to pretty much anyone) and once Anna gets her hook into you you’ll never want to work with anyone else(a)