CEO Geoff Millar

Don’t let that stubble-free baby face fool you. Geoff has accrued over 13 years of recruitment experience, most of which was spent as one of Sydney’s most successful contract recruiters. He now uses the same level of drive and commitment to run The Recruitment Company.

Geoff's status as one of the recruitment industry's leading CEO's was confirmed when he was named runner up in Recruitment International's Award for Best Recruitment Agency Leader of 2017.

With his love of all things sports related, Geoff has competed at national and international level in canoeing, bodybuilding and running. His latest escapades see him running up and down mountains just for fun.

For Geoff, there literally and metaphorically ain’t no mountain high enough. His belief in himself and his team means there is nothing he can’t achieve (except perhaps growing a beard).

Standout quality: He never ever stops. 


CALL: 02 8346 6724


testimonial Video

I have been contracting in Sydney since 2008 working as a Digital Project Manager in the travel & Media sectors. During this time I have contracted through a number of companies most recently TRC and my contact there Geoff Miller who has provided a great service from the outset. Prior to employment Geoff ensured that the role he was putting me forward for was appropriate for me and that I was a good fit for the recruiting company both in terms of skill set and the harder to define organisational fit. He then ensured that I was well prepared for the interview, familiar with the selection criteria, knew who would be interviewing me, when, where etc.


Colin Smith
Project Manager - Agile, ABC Corporation

Post interview Geoff checked to see if there were areas where things may not have been covered to my satisfaction due to interview stress & caught up with the company to provide additional information I may have missed in the interview. Having been offered the post TRC then provided numerous options regarding employment terms ranging from Full Time Employee to Self employed – I chose to go via a payroll service which has been spot on from day 1 and at no cost to myself.

Colin Smith
Project Manager - Agile, ABC Corporation

Throughout my employment Geoff has kept in touch with both myself and my Employer to ensure things are working well on both sides usually this has been a face to face meeting over coffee. My experience with Geoff & TRC has been that they provide a personal & very flexible service from start to finish. The key differentiator for me is that they remain engaged with you as an individual throughout your contract and not just at renewal.

Colin Smith
Project Manager - Agile, ABC Corporation


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