3 key skills of a software developer

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Software development is a growing and lucrative sector of the IT market. With many businesses depending on quality products to sell to clients, the process is both stressful and imperative.

Get this step wrong and businesses could face significant costs, both in the back pocket as well as to their reputation.

This means that recruiting individuals with the right software development skills is key. As such, companies need to understand what skills they should be looking for in order to make their project a success.

As such, we've compiled a list of the top three skills that every software developer should have.

1) Code

It often goes without saying that a knack for programming code is essential for any software developer. Software is created through the building blocks of code and - without a passion to learn more - the end product isn't going to meet anyone's standards.

Businesses should be looking for individuals with a long history of success with programming code and the ability to solve any potential problems.

2) Attention to detail

Any defects found by clients and customers is a disaster for the business involved so it pays to recruit a developer with a keen eye for detail. Sloppy deployments or poorly created installation packages can bring down entire projects and cost the business months of hard work.

3) Teamwork

It isn't often that quality software projects only require one person, which makes teamwork an important element for businesses to consider. Top software developers can write clear reports and instructions and talk openly with clients, customers and other members of the team.

In a project so crucial, teamwork becomes a cornerstone of getting a development from the idea stage to full implementation.

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By Carly Pattison