2 cloud risks that IT contractors can solve

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There is no doubt that cloud computing will continue to be a buzzword in the technology world in 2015. For a number of years now, thousands of businesses across Australia have started moving vital information and data into an online platform. 

While many are enjoying the benefits of implementation, there is another group of organisations that have yet to make the leap. They're commonly concerned about the installation process - who is going to conduct it and manage the system over time. However, with a professional IT contractor on board, cloud computing is relatively simple and quick to implement.

Here are two cloud risks that an IT contractor can assist with:

1) Accessibility

Some businesses are concerned that once their private data is in the cloud anyone in the world can get their hands on it. However, when done right, only authorised personnel should have access to the cloud - which is where IT contractors can come in.

Creating personal login details, encrypting information and establishing controls are part of the professional's job description. They are also able to set up measures to monitor the cloud environment constantly and deal with problems as they come up.

2) Availability

Although we would like technology to be foolproof, total or partial cloud unavailability is a common concern. What would happen if you couldn't access the cloud and you didn't have a physical copy?

With this problem in mind, IT contractors establish comprehensive back-up options in times of natural disaster, power failure or other technical issues. As this is usually created offsite, you can trust that information and data located in your cloud system is always available no matter where in the world you are.

While cloud computing still has a number of risks associated with it, working alongside a trusted IT contractor will ensure that your best interests are always at the top of the agenda.