3 things a CV tells you without having to read it [video]

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Thanks for joining us for latest installment of The Recruitment Company video blog.

Recruiters get inundated with CVs on a daily basis, so you need to develop strategies for reading them efficiently. Did you know that you can get a lot of information from a resume before you even read it?

Firstly, look at the way the CV is structured. Is it logical? A systematic presentation can help you access the info, and tell you if the person is organised.

Is the CV specific or too vague? This can show you whether the candidate has put effort in and taken the time to tailor a specialised resume.

Finally, does the resume seem to be carefully crafted, suggesting the person is driven and meticulous, or is it carelessly thrown together?

Looking for these things will go a long way to making the process more efficient, and make you a more effective recruiter as a result.