Why the best IT professionals are constantly growing their skills

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In an industry as rapidly evolving as IT, developing your skills is not only beneficial - it's necessary. Businesses across every sector rely on their technology specialists to help them innovate and drive digital transformation. Consequently, the most hirable and desired IT professionals are those that constantly strive to develop their expertise and find new ways to add value to their organisations. 

If you're looking expand your IT recruitment recruitment opportunities, the best action you can take is to look for ways to grow your skill set at every phase of your career. 

IT professionals have the opportunity to influence business transformation through their expertise.

Proactive IT workers can drive transformation

According to a recent study from network solutions provider Brocade, 92 per cent of survey respondents were concerned about their ability to hire skills staff in the future, and many agreed that developing IT skills needed to be made more of a priority. This demonstrates how important it is for IT professional to take control of their career growth and actively pursue skill development.

"Businesses are approaching the peak of IT strategic influence. Now is the moment that IT teams feel they have the strongest opportunity to influence the transformation of their organisations," said Brocade's Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Ecosystems, Christine Heckart.

"However, with a rapidly changing technology landscape and potential impact on international labor markets, it is critical that IT employees receive the right training to further develop their skills and business relevance."

Developing tech expertise is about more than just hitting the books, IT professionals can also upskill while on the job.Developing tech expertise is about more than just hitting the books - IT professionals can also upskill while on the job.

Finding opportunities to grow

While engaging in training is certainly an important measure, the best IT workers will seek opportunities to grow in whatever stage they're at, paving the way to future job opportunities. One way to do this is by pursuing chances to gain new skills in their current role, taking on challenges that stretch their existing expertise.

"You just have to think of yourself," said IAG New Zealand's Chief Customer and Digital Officer, Anna Cleland, to CIO Magazine. "How do I invest in myself and grow myself?"

"You can do that in the company you are working for," she says. "If you are keen and if you pay attention, you will have different opportunities that will come along and you take them. And sometimes, you have to be prepared to sacrifice, have less money, move sideways. But you have to be prepared to be open to doing roles you would never have thought of doing."

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By Lee Margerum