Video interviewing: The benefits of meeting candidates face-to-screen

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You've heard it time and time again - technology is ruining our social skills, stopping us from building real life relationships and transforming us into nothing more than screen-poking Neanderthals. Yet despite the ever-present paranoia surrounding tools such as social media and video calling, we beg to differ. In fact, video interviewing can have a number of major perks for candidate screening.

Here are four of the main benefits of including video screening in your recruitment process.

Video screening can help improve your employer branding by providing a better candidate experience.

1. Boosts your employer branding

Firstly, utilising video screening can be a positive step towards improving your employer brand in the eyes of candidates. It helps to differentiate you from other employers, showing that you are tech-savvv and in touch with the latest innovations. Many candidates are drawn to forward-thinking organisations, so embracing this innovative step can attract more skilled workers and help give candidates a positive experience during the recruitment process.

2. Allows you to get more from screening

Another benefit of video screening is that it lets you extract every drop of information about your potential employee. Where typical screening methods can be interrupted by distractions or a bad phone connection, when you have a recorded video you are able to catch every word a well as rewind and rewatch content as required. It also means you can conduct screening at a more convenient time for you, making this stage in the recruiting process more efficient overall.

3. Gives access to a greater pool of candidates

Not only is video screening more convenient for employers, it's also easier for the candidates as well, This is beneficial because it lowers the chances of you missing out on a quality candidate because they were unable to make the appointment. As Business Insider points out, people won't have to arrange time off work or travel a long way to take part in the initial screening. With a much larger selection of applicants at your disposal, you'll be in a better position to identify the perfect professional for your business. 

Video screening is more convenient and enables you to reach more candidates.Video screening is more convenient and enables you to reach ore candidates.

4. Provides a sneak peak into candidates' fit for the role

Lastly, video screening is a great tool for getting an idea of a candidate's suitability for a particular job, as well as their cultural fit for the company. Video enables you to form a much better idea of the candidate's personality and mannerisms than traditional paper or phone screening techniques, giving the advantage of enabling you to read their facial expressions and body language.

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By Geoff Millar