The Great Recruitment Industry Survey

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Love recruiters?  Hate recruiters? Indifferent to recruiters but like chipping in your two cents worth on any subject on the internet?  Whichever it is we want your opinion. We want to know what you feel about the recruitment industry as a whole.

We're embarking on a mission to make ourselves better but we need to know what it is about our industry that people most dislike.  So flex your fingers and put on your keyboard warrior hat, this is the chance you've been looking for. We're asking you to rant and rave, curse and swear, vent your spleen and tell us all those things that recruiters do that you want to change.

Once we've got an idea what it is that people don't enjoy about our industry then we can focus on our purpose for being, making people enjoy the recruitment experience again.  

Go on give us your worst, we can take it.


Take the survey here:

To get you in the mood heres a little music video.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts

Geoff Millar


The Recruitment Company