#Untetheredlife Part 2 Beach Volleyball + Recruitment = A day in the life of Sam

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Beach Volleyball + Recruitment = A day in the life of Sam

#untethered life for me is all about being able to balance my life in UX recruitment and my life down at the beach! For those of us in recruitment, you know it’s not a 9-5 job; for those of you who have tried to predict the weather in Sydney.. it’s just not possible! The perfect balance to me is having the ability to play volleyball when the sun’s out while still being there for my clients and candidates at all times.  

When I lived in Canada and the USA, volleyball was my life. I played for close to 13 years through high school and at collegiate level;  when I moved to Australia, I was #blessed to live next door to some of the most incredible beaches that were prefect for setting up a net on! Unfortunately balancing a career in recruitment and having time to squeeze in a game during the week was next to impossible!

But #untetheredlife has changed all of that.  For me now a typical day is anything but typical.

  • I wake up at whatever time I want (just kidding I still wake up at 5am!)
  • I get down to Coogee beach for 5:45 am to set up the beach volleyball nets and play from 6-8 ; the sun comes up at 6:30 and it’s absolutely beautiful – yes even in the winter when the sand is like ice! 
  • I get to take my time getting home. I can shower up, make a lush 3 course breakfast and video call into the morning sales meeting at 8:33 (yes you read that right, 8.33)
  • Laundry – omg I actually have time to do laundry!
  • I can head into the city to start work at the office after rush hour (mind you I get a fair bit done before I set off)
  • When I untether all day, can I get in another game over lunch? Check. Acai bowl and coffee from the café on the way home? Check.

The flexibility I get from being able to untether has given me the ability to take advantage of the beautiful Sydney weather and get down to the beach.  It allows me to get time to do mindless life admin like laundry and to get cooking done that I haaaate doing on the weekends.

Has working for a recruitment agency that offers flexibility made me more productive?  Absolutely yes!  Overall it just allows me to crack on with work and not have to worry about rushing into the CBD in traffic and commuting all the way home in the evening.  I’m more relaxed at work and I enjoy what I do more knowing I have an awesome work/life balance. 

Flexible working has had its challenges but overall it’s had a huge impact on my life – both the part of me that loves recruiting within the UX and Service Design market and the part of me that loves jumping around on the beach at 6am