Resourcer Amanda Evans

Like many of us with kids, Amanda’s pop references now tend to circle around Disney movies.

Her movie references may be Frozen but this doesn’t seem to Mater as her career certainly hasn’t become Tangled.  With 7 years experience working for recruitment agencies Amanda is a bit of an industry Aristocat. And things are certainly looking Up for her since she joined The Recruitment Company. 

If we Pan back to our first meeting, for us it was love at first sight. We got her CV, we spoke to her and we all said we Mustafa. It seemed like an Ice Age till she joined us but here she is, supporting our IT recruitment team across all of our desks.

So, if you’re looking for an Incredible recsourcer give her a Belle, you could do a lot worse than Finding Amanda.


CALL: 02 8346 6716


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See what all of Amanda's customers had to say

Amanda was very enthusiastic and kept in contact throughout the whole process. She gave me feedback in a timely manner and prepared me for the interview. She provided a great service. She does like to make early morning calls :-)
I was contacted by Amanda for XXXX recruitment. I must say she is very smart, thorough knowledge about role, very helpful, and last but not least on top of updates. Her constant updates about feedback, staying on top of it helped me to bang the role:) Thanks Amanda :) Highly recommended to my friends. Wishing The recruitment company all best :)
Thanks Kim and Amanda for your help
Great work on the latest hire. Been a hard slog getting through some of the candidates that weren't up to scratch on teh communication piece but we've definitely got a good hire now. Big effort from TRC to get it across the line.
The recruitment process felt easy due to great organisation. Amanda also followed up after I commenced to ensure I was happy with the role. I would definitely recommend Amanda and the rest of the team at The Recruitment Company to all of my friends and colleagues.
Amanda was very professional in all of our dealings. She gave me great advice, helped me to prepare for the interviews and always kept me informed on progress. All of the effort Amanda put in helped me to get the role in the end and I am very grateful for all of her assistance. I would definitely recommend Amanda and The Recruitment Company to other candidates.
Amanda deal her work very professionally and efficiently all the time. Very good to work with and very happy with her performance.
Amanda has a keen eye for detail and is great with her follow-up process. My recruitment journey went through a series of hop-skip-and-jumps but Amanda was very committed to the process and ensured all issues were addressed and every query was treated as non-trivial. It was delight working with her and I wish more recruiters were like her. All the best.
Sorry for sharing the Feedback Late ! I some how missed to read this email . Special thanks to Amanda for getting me an opportunity for an interview with XXXX. She was exceptionally friendly and comfortable and professional to interact . I was asked for a trial day in XXXX and my discussion with Amanda prior to the trail day helped me a lot as how to stay focus and what exactly needs to be done on a trail day as I had never done one before !! She made sure she always highlighted my strengths while talking to me so that I stay confident during the entire selection process. Totally it was exciting working with her . Cheers XXXX
It was easy to deal & speak with Amanda. very down to earth. Nothing was too much trouble for her, she was easily contactable & responded / acknowledged emails in due time. If only other recruiters acted wih integrity like her, the recruiting field wouldnt be the most loathed industry to deal with


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