Infrastructure, Cloud & DevOps Adam Eshet


Adam loves food, particularly pizza. But he hates, with a passion, anything seafood. He cant stand it. He doesn’t even like to talk about it.  Having mentioned that he hates it he asked us not to mention it again.  So we won’t… that would be a bass thing for us to do. 

Adam worked for many years in the IT industry but figured that he cod do batter so decided to mullet over before settling on a career in a recruitment agency where he is now having lobster fun as part of our Systems & Cloud team. 

This lad doesn’t flounder so if you’re in the IT infrastructure market you’ll no doubt be herring from Adam soon, he’s always on the lookout for amazing candidates he can plaice into his outstanding oppor-tuna-ties.  Anyway, we best scale back the seafood puns before he gets crabby.


Fanatical about: Liverpool FC



real jobs/real reviews

Role filled: Senior Network Engineer
Client: Australian Financial Services Company

"Adam did a great job under time pressure to find me the right candidate. I really appreciate his tenacity and perseverance in this matter.”

Role filled: Cloud & DevOps Lead
Client: Australian cloud technology solution provider

"Adam has been the only reliable and trustworthy partner XXXX have used in Sydney. I am constantly bombarded by rookies who feel like it is their given right to help source people. Adam has taken the time to actually build a rapport with me and the team and has to date delivered quality people who suit our requirements. Good job mate.”