Public Sector Deepika Phogat

IT and Digital

Deepika is the IT component of TRC’s Public Sector team. As one of our Public Sector Account Managers Deepika looks after all IT recruitment for NSW Government departments. But public sector recruitment isn’t her only passion, Deepika also admits to a fair bit of Netflix binge watching in her spare time.  She is a certified Netflix fanatic!

Yep, you heard it right, whenever she gets the chance (which admittedly isnt as often as she’d like with a full on role at TRC and 2 kids at home), Deepika transforms into a couch-loving, blanket-hugging, Netflix-obsessed consumer of all things Drama. She dives headfirst into the captivating world of series, devouring episodes, one after another, like Tim Tams when nobody’s watching. But hey, who can blame her? We all need our escape, right?

And Deepika earns her downtime. Just like her favourite characters, Deepika has mastered the art of creating amazing stories. She isnt just a job filler, Deepika cares about her clients and candidates, crafting compelling narratives that bring job seekers and employers together, creating a story worth telling.  She approaches the recruitment process as the complex tale it is, and she appreciates the part she gets to play in that story. She might not get to see the whole series, once her part is done, but Deepika makes sure the episode she’s in sets the tone for a genuine blockbuster.

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