Infrastructure Amanda Evans


Like many of us with kids, Amanda’s pop references now tend to circle around Disney movies.

Her movie references may be Frozen but this doesn’t seem to Mater as her career certainly hasn’t become Tangled.  With 7 years experience working for recruitment agencies Amanda is a bit of an industry Aristocat. And things are certainly looking Up for her since she joined The Recruitment Company. 

If we Pan back to our first meeting, for us it was love at first sight. We got her CV, we spoke to her and we all said we Mustafa. It seemed like an Ice Age till she joined us but here she is, recruiting on our Infrastructure Team.

So, if you’re looking for an Incredible IT infrastructure recruiter give her a Belle, you could do a lot worse than Finding Amanda.

Check out the jobs I have on our job board right now, or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.




AMANDA’s latest two

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Project / Network Engineer
Join a leading finance company working Tuesday to Saturday shaping and developing the network & customer server requirements. Artarmon 3 days a week view
Linux Systems Engineer
Join a leading Network and Services provider, can work across any major city in Australia, great culture & flexibility view