Software Development Lexy Mitchell


Lexy is a serial TRCer.  She’s worked with us 3 times over a 20 year period.  And what makes us keep bringing her back you ask? Within 5 minutes of working with her you’ll be hooked too.  

Lexy runs our Permanent Software Development desk where she looks after software development recruitment for many of our most exciting clients. It’s a market she’s recruited in for a long time and is well known in.  

But what is it that makes her clients (and us) keep coming back for more?  Maybe its her level headed approach, maybe it’s the high quality of her candidates or maybe it’s her in-depth market knowledge. 

But more likely, it’s the fact that she delivers, repeatedly. 

Lexy recruits within a competitive sector, but anyone who works with her agrees,  she manages to outshine her competition, time and time again. 



real jobs/real reviews

Role filled: Java Developer
Client: Australian Payments Company

"Lexy has been great to deal with, driven and great with following me up. I look forward to working with her for more great results”

Role filled: .Net Full Stack Developer
Client: Workflow Software Vendor

"I was very impressed with Lexy - she presented great candidates and worked hard to ensure we got the right fit.”

Bite Sized Facts

Years in recruitment:23




Years in Oz:25

Coffees per day:2

KM per day:4

Fav food:Italian

My Secret Sauce

Having worked in IT recruitment for over 20 years, I know the software development market really well, which is pretty handy!  However, what really sets me a part is two things; I care. I care about my clients and delivering great outcomes to them with quality and speed.  I care about my candidates, understanding their motivations and providing them with great opportunities.

Secondly, I am a dog with a bone; my resilience and strong work ethic pushes me on to treat every new job requirement as a personal challenge. I am not happy until I have done my very best work on each assignment.

Clients and candidates often tell me I am the best recruiter they have ever worked with which makes my job so rewarding. Besides the outcomes I achieve, I am naturally a very positive, upbeat person and I love to inject this into my working relationships and have a bit of fun along the way. Cheers!

But some Ingredients Just Work Better Together...


Markets I focus on

30% .Net
30% Java
20% Frontend
10% Mobile
10% Emerging tech

Sounds great, Lets Get Cooking...

You can call Lexy on 02 8346 6701 or submit your feedback using the form: