How to lift internal workplace safety outcomes

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One of the biggest responsibilities for employers across Australia is work health and safety. Countless studies in the past have found that a healthy and safe workplace is also a more productive one.

With this in mind, it's hard to believe that some businesses let their standards slip. Either through neglect or simply forgetting their role, these lapses in concentration can lead to serious consequences down the line.

At The Recruitment Company, we take workplace health and safety issues very seriously so we've compiled a list of the top three things that businesses can do to lift their standards.

1) Demand the best

If you want your employees to take workplace safety as seriously as you, it's important to set the standard and culture from the start. By practicing what you preach and pursuing safety over productivity, you can send the right message to the team.

This also puts you in a good position to identify the areas or staff members that are putting workplace safety in jeopardy.

2) Practice, practice, practice

When it comes to workplace safety, one of the best approaches is to practice those good habits.

Whether it is a fire drill, emergency situation or even avoiding office trips and falls, the more time that your employees spend learning about the right processes, the better the outcome for all involved.

3) Follow up feedback

As employees are on the ground every day, they are likely to observe workplace safety hazards before they come to your attention. However, without an outlet to explain these problems, the risks might not get solved.

As such, plan and undertake regular OHS meetings with staff to gather intelligence on issues and ways these can be solved. Often they are only small hazards, but as we all know, a tiny risk can soon snowball into a massive problem.