Data analysis skills are in demand in today's IT climate

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Presenting yourself as a strong job candidate in the information technology field is always challenging. One reason for that is companies' expectations are constantly evolving - skills that were in high demand a few years ago might now be obsolete, with new ones taking over in their place. You always have to keep learning to stay employable.

Big data is the key to a better business. Companies want candidates who can help make that happen.

Nowadays, the latest trend is that companies are looking for data analysis talent. All the buzz says that "big data" is the key to unlocking a better business, and hiring managers are aggressively chasing after candidates who can help them make that happen.

Are you one of them?

Data analysis jobs open up everywhere

The beauty of looking for a data analysis position is that you don't have to be tied down to working for a certain type of company in a certain industry. According to Forbes, digital IT recruitment for big data talent is happening everywhere. Science, technology, IT, manufacturing, retail and waste management are all industries where companies are actively searching for business intelligence (BI) talent.

CIO reported that over the next year or so, BI is likely to continue being a growth area. Companies will look to diversify in terms of both the analytical skills and the programming language knowledge among their ranks.

Mastering the required strategies

It's not exactly a secret that analytical skills are in demand. Everyone knows it, and as such, technical recruitment is sure to be competitive. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, there are a couple of key skills you can focus on. One is problem-solving. Do you know how to look at a real-world business challenge, understand its intricacies and draw up a plan for analysing it?

Learning analytical skills can be an exciting thrill ride.Learning analytical skills can be an exciting thrill ride.

The other part of the analytics challenge is understanding what sorts of data you'll need to find answers, where that data comes from and how to mine for it. This is the technical aspect of the job as opposed to the more abstract, theoretical part. Both are important.

Have the right recruiters on your side

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By Dan Brown