Infrastructure outlook pretty swell for NSW

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For anyone looking for a new engineering opportunity in 2016, NSW has plenty to offer prospective candidates. The number of planned initiatives and projects has been growing steadily throughout the year, setting a great scene for the coming 12 months.

Here are some of the key areas to watch in the new year. 

The next station is... 

The Transport Department of NSW recently revealed the 31st station for the Sydney Metro Line.

The new stop at Waterloo will deliver a large number of jobs.

According to the organisation, the new stop at Waterloo will deliver a large number of jobs, including opportunities for engineers and other construction workers. 

"The metro station creates the opportunity to transform Waterloo and make it a better place to live for future and existing residents, many of whom are amongst the most vulnerable people in NSW," he said.

Overall, things are looking up for public transport in the state, with the Premier highlighting the wide variety and vast number of projects planned in the near future. These included the ongoing developments in light rail, road and infrastructure projects to support job growth in other industries. 

Looking forward to the new year

Just up the road in Newcastle, engineering had a stellar two years, at least according to the Engineers Australia division report.

Some of the key achievements for the group included strengthening relationships with local politicians and universities, establishing new training and up-skilling schemes, increased sustainable practices and a high number of quality presentations. 

President Michael van Koeverden highlighted the efforts of many parties, including employees, volunteers and other members involved with the organisations. 

"I feel very privileged to have led Engineers Australia Newcastle during 2015 and have met many members who have provided very important feedback on how Engineers Australia can better represent our profession," he stated. 

The organisation is looking to continue this streak in 2016, preparing a number of statements and reports regarding the key infrastructure issues for the city. 

With the expected rise in activity, selling yourself as a high-quality candidate becomes all the more vital. To help you get started, here's a tip from one of our video blogs that will help you better answer questions in an interview. 

The future is bright for engineering professionals, but it pays to be as prepared as possible to capture the opportunities in a busy market. 

by Ciaran Canavan