#Untetheredlife Part 7 Its a bitter sweet symphony this #untetheredlife

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Anna Maria, the second best thing to come out of Wigan (the first being The Verve – in case you didn’t get the reference in the title), talks about some of the highs and lows of being untethered.


You might say I’m a chatterbox.  Most people do.  I was worried that working from home would inhibit my need to chatter.  But #untetheredlife has mass…

Teaching the next generation of IT recruits

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There is little doubt that, as traditional Australian industries shift and evolve to meet the future, demand for skilled ICT professionals is only set to increase. For many workers nowadays, transitioning from one industry to another requires a significant amount of re-training and upskilling, however in the future it is expected that the employee …

What does the future hold for the development of technology and jobs

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Ever wanted to have the power to look into the future? While we don't use crystal balls, tarot cards or tea leaves at the Recruitment Company, we can paint a picture into how jobs markets and trends will play out in the next few years. Here are some recent reports that shed some light on the future of technology, businesses and jobs in the new year…

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