Infrastructure Kritika Shrestha


As well as being our Permanent Infrastructure, Cloud & DevOps Recruiter, Kritika is a big Marvel fan. She’s told us that, apart from recruitment of course, watching Avenger movies is her favourite pastime. So we thought we’d use the genre to tell you a bit more about her.

Kritika is known for her warm, friendly service and the fact that she loves to chat, a lot.  She can thor out even the shyest candidate. But don’t let this fool you, she’s no pushover: this recruiter has some iron. Man does she know how to run the gauntlet between service and delivery. And how does she consistently smash her targets? 

Kritika is known for her hawkeye when it comes to finding great candidates for our permanent recruitment team. Her ability to assemble an amazing shortlist of top candidates is a skill that stands her in stark contrast to her competitors.  

It makes them green with envy. Parker in front of an urgent requirement and Kritika’s focus will never wanda from the job at hand: delivering superior service to her candidates. 

The Marvel puns have got a bit much now, we should stop. They aren’t as loki as we’d hoped.



Bite Sized Facts

Recruiting since:2014

Coffee:Oat Latte

Fave destination:Nepal

Fave drink:Beer

Childhood ambition:Air hostess

Fave food:Anything Spicy


Fave animal:Dog

My Secret Sauce

Building relationship takes time and understanding be it with a friend, family or even with my candidates, or clients. And that is what I love doing the most. I believe in building relationships based on understanding and trust with my candidates and clients. I love knowing what both parties are searching, and looking, for, and then putting the puzzle together to create a masterpiece.

I got into recruitment by chance back in 2014 and never looked back again.  Coming from a small country, Nepal, I always dreamt big. This motivation and the hunger for success has been a fuel to my body, one of the reasons I enjoy recruitment. Building relationships with my customers and helping them to get their dream job is one of the favourite parts of my job!!

But some Ingredients Just Work Better Together...


Markets I focus on

30% Cloud
40% Devops
10% Networking
5% Support
15% Security

Sounds great, Lets Get Cooking...

You can call Kritika on 02 8346 6708 or submit your feedback using the form: