Project Services Sam McKay


Meet Sam McKay, our Project Services Recruiter with a taste for pub classics and a knack for finding top talent. From parmis to Brazilian barbecue, Sam’s culinary preferences are as versatile as his recruitment skills. He’s your go-to guy for project services, just don’t ask him to kick a football anytime soon—his last attempt ended in a goal and a broken leg. Talk about going out with a bang!

Sam’s been in the recruitment game for 1.5 years, and he’s already a top scorer, unlike his beloved Arsenal. When he’s not tracking down the best candidates, he’s following the Sydney Swans, never missing a home game since 2011. If dedication to football were a job, he’d be CEO by now.

A self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd and sitcom aficionado, Sam loves a good plot twist—both on TV and in his career. His guilty pleasures? Procrastinating life admin (but don’t worry, he’s on top of his recruitment game) and binge-watching TV shows.

Sam’s recruitment strategy is simple: find the best, place the best, and have a laugh along the way. If you need a project services pro who’s as committed as he is chatty, Sam’s your man. And if you see him at a Swans game, buy him a drink—he’s earned it.