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Dervla Neary 5 Reviews

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Dervla is amazing person, she is so professional, supportive and organised. She is always responding to my inquiries and answering my phone calls even during weekends.

I have had a great experience in getting a job through Dervla. She helped me to prepare for interview and gave me really good tips on how to dress up well for the interview and how to crack some interview questions. The recruitment procedure took hardly two days and I got the job! I really appreciate the efforts that Dervla had put in to recommend me for XXXXXXX :)

Dervla has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She has been extremely prompt with getting on top of all requests, and has established a very friendly and transparent relationship. Very happy.

I find Dervla to be very friendly, engaging, dependable and high in integrity. Furthermore, I have been consistently impressed with Dervla`s attitude since the first day she contacted me for a position at XXXX. During the time that she has helped me with the recruitment process, I found her very effective, intelligent and hard-working. She follows up and is professional with her communications. Throughout the whole process, she was polite, professional and pleasant! I definitely recommend Dervla as a Recruitment Consultant. I’m sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had. Thank you so much! Note: My request is and would highly appreciate by weekly payments instead of monthly. Many thanks in return.

I'm Sold, Lets Talk' Tell Me More'