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If he wasn’t a recruiter, Tris would love to be cooking up a storm as a chef.  Food is his passion and cooking is what he enjoys doing most.  Luckily for us though, he turned away from chefing and, realising there were bigger fish to fry, ventured into recruitment.

It may not have been his first choice, but Tris is no half-baked contract recruiter, in fact, this seasoned sales professional has all the ingredients of a top performer.

Heading up our contract software development desk, Tris leaves the roast of his competitors behind and is the go to person for some of Sydney's best projects and many of its most talented contractors. Why? Well it all boils down to service and delivery. And in the unlikely event he doesn’t know someone for a role? Well, he knows all the best places to poach them from. 

Tris’s straight-talking style has made quite a stir in his market.  His customers tell us there is nobody grater. Of course, there’s always the chance that Tris’s passion for cooking will eclipse his impress-sieve recruitment career and lure him back to chefing, but we think he’s worth it. It’s a whisk we’re willing to take.

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