State government jobs value people with strong communication skills

In Australia, state-level governments are tasked with handling a great many responsibilities that have a direct impact on the well-being of their citizens. Their purview includes everything from education and public health to parks and recreation to police services and prison management.

Every recruitment agency that recruits government employees wa…

Sound leadership needed for promoting workplace health and safety

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In any line of work, it's important for companies to invest in human resources. The only way to build a successful business is to have an infrastructure in place for finding talent and developing it. But beyond that step, there's another key point of emphasis that business leaders are thinking about - keeping people safe.

Workplace health an…

Data analysis skills are in demand in today's IT climate

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Presenting yourself as a strong job candidate in the information technology field is always challenging. One reason for that is companies' expectations are constantly evolving - skills that were in high demand a few years ago might now be obsolete, with new ones taking over in their place. You always have to keep learning to stay employable.


What programming languages are in demand in Australia today?

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The technology world is evolving at a rapid pace. Two decades ago, few of us even knew what a web browser was, let alone how to use one. Today, we're all online constantly, whether we use our desktops, laptops or mobile devices. A lot has changed in a short time.

It takes a staggering amount of talent to continue drawing up new technologies.

Booming cloud industry offers new opportunities for IT employment

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Business technologies are constantly evolving, and nowhere is this more true than in the realm of data storage. In just the last decade, we've seen considerable change. It began in the mid-2000s, when companies began to invest in servers that could house large volumes of data. From there, the next step was building entire data centers that coul…

3 traits of a good recruiter [video]

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Hello, and welcome to The Recruitment Company video blog.

A good recruiter is an important asset to companies and job seekers alike, as their ability to match the right candidate with the right vacancy is invaluable to the success of business practices.

There are certain traits that make a recruiter great at their job. Listening skills are esse…