Gender Diversity in ITVideo Blog - Part 1

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The first in an 8 week series running through to International Womens Day. We interview industry specialists and discuss some of the issues facing organisations looking for a more gender diverse IT team.

Why the Christmas break is the perfect time to review your CV

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With Christmas a few days away and the dreaded due date for New Year's resolutions safely in the future, the desire to do sensible activities such as reviewing your CV and applying for jobs is probably tucked safely in the back of your mind. After all, you're on holiday, so that means all the recruiters are as well, right? Sort of. 

Despite off…

3 common biases that you are bringing to every interview

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Whilst the tradition of the face-to-face interview remains a cornerstone of the recruitment process, it is a method that is fraught with subjectivity, vagueness and undefined criteria such as ‘cultural fit’ and ‘the X factor’. This is compounded by the fact that the interview is often conducted by individuals who aren’t entirely certain about what …

Building company cultureThe Three Wise Monkeys approach

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Building an amazing company culture isn't easy but its worth it. Here’s the three wise monkeys approach to the basic building blocks of developing a high performing culture of engaged and happy employees.

See no evil

The foundation of any great company with a great culture is the attitude of the leader. If you want to create a team or a company t…

Three of the most innovative recruitment campaigns in history

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Recruitment isn’t new. People have been looking to engage with other people with a very particular set of skills (as Liam Neeson so succinctly put it) since the dawn of time.

 So here are three of the most innovative recruitment campaigns in history;

Julius Caesar c60BC

JC did a fair bit in his time. Arguably the most famous Roman Emperor he con…

Four things running has taught me about leadership

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I’m fairly new to running. When I say ‘new to running’ I mean before I got roped in to running some silly race 2 years ago I couldn’t remember the last time I’d run anywhere.

“You’ll love it,” they said. “You’ll never look back,” they protested. “Your beer gut will be gone in weeks,” they cried. So armed with a shiny new pair of trainers, an exces…

Three things Karate Kid teaches us about recruitment

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Recruiter armed with a good mentor and a set of chopsticks can achieve anything. Here are  three things Karate Kid teaches us about recruitment;

 1. Mentor ‘yes’ or mentor ‘no’. Never mentor ‘guess so’

If karate kid teaches us two things about life it is this;

Firstly, never try and hook up with the ex-girlfriend of the leader of a motorbike rid…