Gender Diversity IssuesWomen in IT Part 2

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In this episode of our vlog series put together to celebrate International Women's Day, we continue the conversation about some of the reasons why a more diverse IT team is more than just a nice thing to have, it is in fact something that is fast becoming essential. Our panel of diversity and HR experts talk about some of the reasons why there aren…

How to make STEM skills attractive to a diverse group of people

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Although leaders' commitment to addressing gender inequality in their organisations is a strong one (96 per cent say they promote talent diversity, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers), the real battle for diversity in target industries starts much earlier. 

For IT, engineering and other tech industries to be attractive to all people, the skill…

How to attract a more diverse workforce

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Diversity is on the mind of many Australian leaders. While there are a number of organisations that exist solely for the purpose of promoting diversity initiatives in specific industries, leaders still have to take responsibility for the way their individual organisation responds. 

Whether it's crafting a more diverse talent pipeline for the fu…

Building a more diverse workforce part 2How to attract more women to your company

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HR Managers, looking for ideas on how to drive your diversity initiatives?  In this episode of our diversity video blog series, created specifically for the lead up to International Women's Day #IWD2017 , we interview diversity experts about ideas on how to increase an organisations ability to attract more women and then grow them into leaders.  Th…

How the engineering sector will become more diverse in 2017

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Outside of the many new technology developments that will change the business world in 2017, one trend uniting companies across industries is a greater focus on diversity initiatives. Business leaders are becoming more aware of the issues associated with various male-dominated industries and the role they have in changing them. 

While the engin…

Women in LeadershipPart 2: Diverse boards

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In the 6th part of our 8 part series exploring gender diversity issues we expand on our previous discussion about women in leadership. this episode talks about women on boards and some of the advantages this brings and risks it mitigates.

This week we talk to Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia, Michele Adaire, CEO Cystic Fibrosis NS…

Which hot IT skills are in demand for 2017? [Video]

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Recruitment Company's video blog. Today, we'll be looking at the hot skills tech employers are looking for in 2017.

Computerworld found that 35 per cent of employers are seeking experienced programmers for application development. This work can include everything from customising software for spec…