Software testing: Why is it so important?

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It's fair to say that nothing in life is perfect - relationships, sports teams and careers. While it's often better not to dwell on our problems in some cases, we must take a closer look in order to prevent expensive or dangerous mistakes.

Take software for example. Developed and implemented over many years, one single mistake can lead to major is…

North West Rail Link providing health and safety opportunities

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As Sydney's population continues to soar, the pressure goes on the state government to ease the strain on local infrastructure.

In response to this, the North West Rail Link project was announced and construction is now well underway. Encompassing eight new railway stations and 4,000 commuter car parking spaces, the link is the country's largest pub…

2 cloud risks that IT contractors can solve

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There is no doubt that cloud computing will continue to be a buzzword in the technology world in 2015. For a number of years now, thousands of businesses across Australia have started moving vital information and data into an online platform. 

While many are enjoying the benefits of implementation, there is another group of organisations that have y…

Offshoring IT : Is it worth it?

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Every business has the potential for greatness. However, this search of excellence can be hampered by a lack of funding, personnel or even direction.

There is no point operating a business with a good idea if the infrastructure around it isn't working though. This is why some organisations consider outsourcing different departments, such as IT. It's…

Importance of work health and safety highlighted

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The early months of the year are a perfect time for organisations to consider their work health and safety standards. As we are only four weeks into the new business calendar, it's the perfect time to analyse key hazards and risks and put processes in place to minimise their impact.

Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter explain…

2 ways to generate positive company culture

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There is no doubt that operating a company is a two-way street. Firstly, you require attention from clients and customers - turning positive relationships into revenue.

However, secondly - and potentially, more important - is the input from your employees. Without their commitment and passion, it's difficult to create a business that outsiders want …

3 benefits of having an engaged workforce

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It is fair to say that in the current recruitment scene, the concept of employee engagement has never been more important.

Employees have a fair amount of choice when it comes to jobs - so the last thing that businesses want is to push their talent into the arms of the opposition.

This makes employee engagement a vital part of any small business - bu…

Cloud applications causing security concerns

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There is no doubt that cloud is becoming a major part of the infrastructure of any business - but at what cost?

Cloud applications are readily available for employees on laptops, mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. However, according to Netskope's January 2015 cloud report, many are putting entire businesses at risk.

On average, organisations are…

Interviewing rules

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Here are some great tips on how to maximise your time in an interview.